Happy New Year 2015

Hi all . HNY


So the year has started with a bang. Spent the week in the studio with Jamie Joseph (SONY) putting down guitar and bass on the last few tracks on his debut album. Really good fun and a great way to start the year. Keep an ear out for hi,. Sounding very good.

Trioniq with Iwan Vanhetten and Paul Turner is just about to release our 1st ep also.




technology :)

Hey. So today i’m sat here in my studio just about to start work.  Now i will plug into anything to get the right guitar part down and recorded. I really love valves, amps, mics and great mic pres but i gotta say The Kemper Profiling Amplifier is pretty amazing and it gets lots of use on sessions.

I’ve just loaded both M Britt Profile packs. He’s profiled a few of the amps i use regularly like the Divided by 13 FTR 37 and  JRT 9/13 , The Fender Princeton Reverb. There’s even a Dumble or 3 in there and i gotta say these things sound incredible. Check em out.  http://www.mbrittprofiles.com/profiles/index.html





Hi all and welcome to my new revamped site. I will endeavour to pop on here and post updates as much as possible.

I’ll be talking about current projects, new gear, upcoming live gigs etc.

I also have a contact page so feel free to drop me a line and i’ll get back to you.


Merry Xmas xx